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Don't listen to what they say...Go see it for yourself!

So all the time here in quarantine I had a very happy thought that was keeping me hopeful. My best friend and I decided to go on a trip to Amsterdam as soon as everything gets back to normal and airports start work normally again. We live in different countries from each other so this would be a great escape for us, to reunite and have plenty of quality time together. Bonus we’ll have to know a new culture.

As you can understand, I’ve never been there before but I have collected all the important things that I want to do there and I thought that is a very good idea for all of you that want to do this trip too and you don’t have the time to make a research for yourself. Well, thanks a lot! (Just kidding haha !)

Shall we?

First of all Amsterdam’s airport is at Schiphol, which is 3 hours away from the centre. You can go there either by taxi (around 39 euros) or tram or train (both around 5 euros) Amsterdam is full of museums. I have chosen the most famous of them and therefore the ones I plan to visit. Something very helpful would be the Iamsterdam card. By purchasing this card (you have options for time, for 24/48/72/96/120 hours). Check it out here. With this card, you can visit plenty of museums without paying a ticket and some restaurants.

Don’t forget that you can see all of these by hiring a bike. The whole city rides one and it’s actually quite cheap. Never forget to take a cruise along the canals to admire the beautiful scenery. Literally, every site out there, suggests that.


1. Van Gogh Museum (30 minutes from the centre)

Price ticket: 19 euros (adults)

A museum that includes artworks of the famous artist Van Gogh.

2. Anne Frank House (20minutes from centre)

Price ticket: 10 euros (adults)

The house of Anne Frank. This is actually a place I really want to visit I think it would be great.

3. Heineken Experience (26 minutes from centre)

Price ticket: 21 euros ( 18 euros online booking ) (adults)

Dreamy place for beer lovers. The first attempt of transferring the beer to America actually ended up in the ocean. It was in the Titanic.

4. Rijksmuseum (25 minutes from centre)

Price ticket: 20 euros (adults)

This is the National Museum of the city.

5. Artis zoo (24 minutes from centre)

Price ticket: 24 euros ( 22 online)

One of the oldest and biggest zoos in Europe. You can’t miss that.

6. NEMO ( 12 minutes from centre)

Price ticket: 17, 50 euros (adults)

Ok, so this is the National Centre of Science and Technology.

7. Amsterdam Cheese Museum ( 20 minutes from centre )

Price ticket: FREE

So Amsterdam is well known for the beautiful landscapes, the wild life and… the cheese. You can taste any cheese you want for free.


Of course you have free access to all of the followings. There are all squares or famous spots and canals. You can take pictures and admire the beautiful landscapes of the city.

1. Vondelpark (40minutes from centre)

This is one of the most famous parks in Amsterdam, it’s huge (120 acres) and a lot of open-air shows (theatre) take place there from June to August.

2. Leidseplein ( 23 minutes from centre)

This is a square in the centre of Amsterdam and you can’t find there plenty restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

3. Jordaan ( 22 minutes from centre)

A great place to take your photos. You can walk and admire the indie vibes of the district and you can buy souvenirs from the market at Noordermarkt square.

4. Keizersgracht ( 17 minutes from centre)

One of the most famous canals in the whole city. Great spot for pictures too.

5. Magere Brug ( 14 minutes from centre)

It is about a very well-known bridge. Great spot for a walk at night.

6. Bridge of 15 bridges (13 minutes from centre)

I think you can understand what is it about from the title of the sight. The only spot that you can see 15 bridges at the same time.

7. Dam square ( 10 minutes from centre)

It’s in the town square of Amsterdam. Super graphical and beautiful.

8. Red light secrets (5 minutes from centre)

Amsterdam is kind different from the other cities that we know. You can’t go to Amsterdam and not see this. Some people find it crazy, some really enjoy it and some don’t like it all. In this country prostitution, sex shops, strip clubs and the bulldog shops are all legal. Smoking on the other hand is illegal in the restaurants and shops and you can do drugs but not without following some rules. It is not allowed everywhere.

9. Flower market ( 29 minutes from centre)

Just a huge open market where you can find hundreds of kinds of seeds and flowers so that you can purchase.

If any of you have already visited Amsterdam, or planning to do please let me know about your thoughts about the place, your experience and of course if this article was actually helpful!

Have a great time,


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