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Hello and Welcome!

You are probably here because you were curious, or a friend told you to check it out. We cover a range of different topics every few weeks usually every 2 weeks. Make sure you follow us on Instagram to get our latest news on your feed. 

Here you will find literally anything, from Norwegian recipes to  analysis of physics and astronomy. We always write about our experience or based on other online sources that we make sure are mentioned (DM on Instagram for collab).

So look below to the posts shortcuts and go ahead, spare a 5-minutes to get to know about a certain topic! If you want to request us to cover a copy DM on Instagram or send us your message under Contact us.

Don't forget to dream on an be happy!

Ath xx



Image by Raphael Lovaski

Beautiful in Quarantine


I'm Ath! Do you enjoy so far?

Image by jennieramida


Image by Roman Mager