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So, it has come to my attention that many people, including recognised celebrities, such as Hailey Baldwin Bieber , support that the current quarantine is a great chance to take care of ourselves. There are endless opportunities to practice make-up tutorials, play around with nails, make homemade hair treatments or facial treatments and of course don’t forget to meditate, exercise, eat healthy and sleep in normal hours.

But we are here for you and this blog will show you beauty-related activities to do during quarantine:

  • Groupon currently offers a 20% off on first deals.

  • Claire’s have 25% off and free delivery for orders over 20£

  • Make sure you use UNiDAYS/StudentBeans and claim student vouchers that are available

  • If you haven’t got Netflix yet, remember that if you buy you subscription your first month is completely free!


  • Be cautious ordering goods as there might be delays on delivery!

Groupon: Our tested recommendations

  • Hosting a website like this blog is “expensive”. It takes time in general to edit and figure out what articles to write out. I wouldn’t have made it if I hadn’t completed the Blog Creation Certificate from New Skills Academy from 69£ to 12£.

  • My best friend has always been nagging that she is crazy to learn French but has not time with her busy routine. I encouraged her to purchase the French Level 1,2,3 Certification from 120 £ to 16£.

I have personally done both of those courses. I honestly recommend doing a course, there is a wide selection of different languages in Groupon. This will be something to complete within a specific timeframe, for instance, the French package I bought with my friend is accessible for a year, but the content is estimated to be completed in approximately 7 hours at your own pace.

If learning a language is not really your thing that’s absolutely fine, but I still encourage you to go at Groupon to check out what skills and online course you would be interested to master. There is a wide range of digital deals available such as: Story-Book Writing, Make-up and beauty, Yoga and mindfulness, blogging, teaching, first-aid, reflexology, psychology, manicure, photography and many more!

Let us know if you found a great course! We would love to hear from you! EMAIL US NOW in contact us section on the menu on the top of the page.

Now, imagine you purchased that manicure course online, and have none to practice with. No problem since most of the supermarkets -at least in the UK- have a great quality sets of nails where you could practice your skill of polishing them, learn about physiology of the nails and useful home treatments

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